Some Assembly Required
22.5' Kingfisher Mahogany Rowing Shell

Graeme King, a Vermont builder of racing shells, designed the Kingfisher, a V-bottom plywood single shell for construction by amateur boatbuilders.

This boat began as a 20' spruce 1x12 and three sheets of 2.5mm mahogany aircraft plywood. It was built by me and Jay deWolf, who provided the woodworking expertise and shop tools.  I provided lots of mayhem with the power planer.

boat1.jpg (21082 bytes)Spruce keel and stringers were scarfed for length.
Bulkheads were cut from plywood.
'Knees' at rigger mounts are ash.

 boat2.jpg (32959 bytes)

Riggers are from King Boatworks.
Oars are from Piantedosi Bros, Massachusetts.
Seat and tracks from Schoenbrod, Biddeford, Maine.
Aircraft plywood from Aircraft Spruce, LA.
Decking is heat-shrink dacron.
West Systems epoxy was used for gluing.

boat4.jpg (23481 bytes)boat3.jpg (26553 bytes)